Snapshots from Today


Just wanted to share what I’m wearing today, primarily because I was playing around with my new laptop.
Everything’s from the Goodwill Boutique.

Updates to the blog coming otw (I know I need to reload all my Kenya pics, soon comin)


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Free Girl Day


The other day we had the girls over “our house” for a day of fun– to spend some girl time together and revel in our freedom.


Ebony taught them some yoga:



Then we played some old school rec games:

“Red Light/ Green Light”

I plays to win…



You remember that old dance game, Jigalo?


My hands up high, my feet down low…


And this the way I jigalo


Then we had some snack and some girl talk.

These girls “are the best part of Kenya”!






My work here…


In a nutshell–

Mondays and Saturdays, I meet with Form 3 (11th grade) boys and girls  (while Ebony meets with Form 2) and teach them self expression through poetry and personal narrative writing.  We’re hoping to publish these stories and put them in a book.






Tuesdays and Thursdays, Ebony and I meet with Form 2 and Form 3 girls and implement our Free Girl Curriculum. Our hope is to cultivate freedom and empowerment in them so that they can change the world. We ground every lesson in what the word of God says and apply help them apply that to their lives.  For example, we did a few lessons on life planning.  Habakkuk 2:2 says to “write the vision and make it plain…” So the girls had to write what their life dreams were and make it a goal by researching the “how-to” on the internet. (Most of the girls had no idea how to use the internet.) They then created life maps and gave presentations to the class.


Zoe trying to figure out the computer… “what is google?”



Saturday afternoons, I have a dance class of six girls.  We’re dancing to “Break Every Chain” by Tasha Cobbs.

Sundays, we’re usually somewhere doing ministry: Teaching sunday school, preaching in chapel, speaking to youth groups. That part has really stretched me. I was really nervous my first time :/ But God has been sooo faithful.

In between time, we do stuff like teaching them how to take better care of their hair or just counseling and praying with them. Many of them carry burdens four times their size.


Oh and then….We also help the director/ pastor of PACE ministry with anything he needs help with. Ebony is drafting and editing the PACE Board Document (a fifty plus page status report on the ministry’s finances, staff and output..whew!) and I am organizing PACE’s 2nd African Leadership Summit. Basically I’m in charge of contacting pastors and community leaders from every eastern country from Egypt to South Africa to come to PACE in October. I’m also planning a budget, arranging transportation and accommodations for the guests and helping draft the itinerary.

Let’s Eat


I didn’t know what to expect from Kenyan food, but I actually  really like it– Except the ugali. A lot of it is similar to west indian food.

Typical dinner spread


Here I have: cabbage, rise and vegetables and chipati (similar to roti)

Kenyans love their boiled eggs and white bread for breakfast


Mandazi… similar to Caribbean bakes. So so so so so so so so good!

Typical breakfast plate

Not pictured: TEA!!! Kenyans “take tea” at every meal and between meals. Most popular is Tea Masala/ Chai= tea with milk.


Ebony and I have actually been eating a lot of raw fruits and veggies though. Lots of cabbage, pineapple, tomatoes, bananas, and “Kenyan Kale”

Every now and then, we go to Nairobi and act like fat girls. These are Kachos= Kenyan Nachos.




And burgers and chips… nothing Kenyan about this.


Bonus: how we wash our hands before meals…






Note: Drafted about 5 weeks ago. SORRY FOR THE THE ROTATED PICS. First world problems though 🙂

The students are on mid-term break, so that gave us a chance to get some down time in. We went on safari (journey) to the Sweetwater preservation.

There’s a big 5 in Kenya, the top 5 animals to see on the safari: Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Rhinos, and Buffalo. We saw 3 out of the 5.  All the simbas (lions) and leopards were sleeping by the time we reached 😦  But it was so amazing to see these animals in their natural habitat (except the chimps, they are not native to Kenya and they are caged in, apparently they’re very dangerous).


Here’s a few of my iPhone pics. I steal some of Ebony’s quality pics and share soon, i.e. the giraffes and spotted turquoise chickens.

Gazelles, I think. They are sooo beautiful and graceful when they leap.

Buffalo… this one actually came after our car.

Buffalo bathing….

He’s so chunky. I just wanna taste him..

They were the star of my safari 🙂

Notice how they stand front to back… they’re watching out for lions and hyenas.

Ostrich, I think it was over 6 ft. tall

Baraka, the blind whit rhino. Apparently rhino horns are worth over $1m. So rhinos are rare or endangered in most areas.



Hippos aren’t in the big 5, but they’re rare to spot.


They are hilarious!!!



Dear Baby Sisters…


Note: drafted on July 9th

Hey jimos , I’m sorry that I’m on the other side of the world while you’re busy turning twenty. I wanted to give you a Happy Birthday post so everyone can celebrate this special day with you! I love you both soooo much!

r and r 4

To Raquel: My mini- me 🙂 I  admire how smart you are. I love to watch you be a friend to your friends… they’re so blessed to be in your crew.  You’re  humble and loving towards people and never thinking more highly of yourself than you ought. My prayer for you in your twentieth year is that you get a new understanding of God’s love and SPECIFIC plan for you.


To Rachel: Hay bess frand 🙂 I love how graceful you are and how much you walk to your own drum beat. You’re not afraid to be your own person and live by the values that hold dear.  I’ve watched you mature so much over the past year. You’re such the little lady now. My prayer for you in your twentieth year is that you continue to let God perform the work that He’s begun in you and that He give you peace about the plans in your heart.

Enjoy your day, and we’ll celebrate again when I reach.